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The Behavior Center began as a joint endeavor between two organizations committed to addressing an unmet need in Northern California: treatment of severe problem behavior.

The Shabani Institute and Therapeutic Pathways

The senior staff at The Shabani Institute and Therapeutic Pathways recognized that many individuals with severe behavior problems in Northern California did not have access to appropriate treatment. The Shabani Institute and Therapeutic Pathways came together to form The Behavior Center. Our goal is to ensure that individuals with severe behavior challenges in Northern California have access to appropriate treatment options.

Therapeutic Pathways/Kendall Centers has provided applied behavior analysis to more than 2500 individuals in Northern California since 1996.

Led by Jane S. Howard, Ph.D., BCBA­-D®, Licensed Psychologist and Coleen R. Sparkman, M.A., CCC-­SLP, Therapeutic Pathways has an established track record for producing high stakes outcomes in the treatment of autism in children. Their published studies of treatment outcomes has been cited in more than 500 scientific journals, chapters, and textbooks.

Known for their expertise in the development of comprehensive, client­specific treatment plans that achieve good long-term outcomes, their staff has long seen the need for treatment options for older individuals with challenging behaviors.

Dr. Daniel Shabani

The Shabani Institute is based in Southern California since 2007 and is known for its specialty practice in treatment individuals with severe behavior challenges. Dr. Daniel Shabani, is its founder and CEO.

Dr. Shabani received his B.A. from UCLA, M.A. from University of the Pacific and a Ph.D. from Western Michigan University.

Dr. Shabani is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Doctoral BCBA-D® and completed his postdoctoral internship at the Marcus Institute in Atlanta, Georgia where he received specialized training in the functional analysis of severe problem behavior and individualized treatment plans based on applied behavior analysis (ABA).

For the past 10 years Dr. Shabani has been training a group of core clinicians to successfully meet the needs of individuals with severe behavior challenges and their families.