The Behavior Center’s approach to treating severe behavior disorders is based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which has historically provided an effective, empirically validated approach for assessing and treating high­risk behaviors.

The effectiveness of this approach stems from a careful analysis that attempts to understand and treat high­risk behaviors by evaluating environmental factors that may be influencing their occurrence. This analysis is commonly referred to as a “functional” approach to understanding behaviors and identifies the purpose high­risk behaviors serve for an individual.

The ability to isolate variables that serve to maintain severe behaviors requires careful planning in which specific aspects of different environmental “triggers” are evaluated. At The Behavior Center, we are afforded a unique environment in which we can best isolate the variables contributing to severe behaviors and subsequently evaluate treatments. The Behavior Center also allows us to work with some of the more challenging clients as our facility is specifically designed to conduct comprehensive, experimental analysis that are directly linked to treatment.